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TOPIC atoz
George Zimmerman 49
Trayvon Martin 33
george zimmerman 15
men 7
relationships 7
sex 7
women 7
Stand Your Ground 6
dating 6
hip hop 6
invisible children 6
kardashian 6
kony 2012 6
money 6
pua 6
seduction 6
tariq nasheed 6
treyvon martin 6
uganda 6
Florida 5
McGinty podcast 5
podcast 5
@mikemcgintyface on twitter 4
California Prisoner Hunger Strike 4
news 4
politics 4
race 4
racism 4
stand your ground 4
trayvon martin 4
414 Project 3
Barack Obama 3
Peter Heck 3
foreign policy 3
police 3
talk 3
000 sneezes a day!!! 2
12 2
911 calls 2
A repressed molestation? 2
AIDS is kind of a fun word to say 2
ALL are welcome 2
Acting out his acceptance of her sexual advances 2
Acting out the events that led up to the 911 call 2
Actual racism gets ignored when one makes erroneous claims of racism 2
Age doesn't matter 2
Age range 2
All birds world series 2
All you need is love with her sneezes 2
Artist shot while painting peace mural 2
As long as it's consensual and it's someone that's of age and not a family member or animal 2
Ass implant death 2
Bad premise 2
Bands that I can play all the time 2
Baseball talk 2
Beatles songs help her 2
Ben comes in to watch the video 2
Benny the bread man is here 2
Big ass story 2
Blaaaaaahalkaa means affirmative 2
Black and Spanish communities enjoy the big asses 2
Boobs or Elmo? 2
Brock Lesnar? 2
Bruce Ash 2
Bullshit! 2
Bump in my nose 2
Caitlyn Jenner not going to be charged for accident 2
California Prisoners Hunger Strike 2
Chewbacca? 2
Co-ed locker rooms? 2
Colorado 2
Conrad Hilton 2
Cosby story 2
Creepy college softball coach 2
Dade county Florida theory I have 2
Dan Nainan 2
Danny Pintauro has HIV 2
Dead Santa 2
Do we want to ban frats? 2
Do what makes you happy 2
Do your thing 2
Don Orsillo leaves NESN and the Red sox 2
Don't do this on facebook 2
Don't gives me that shit about kids 2
Don't hit women children or old people 2
Douche baggy terms 2
Dumb guys 2
E cigarettes are not allowed on planes? 2
Edward Snowden 2
Failed bit 2
False claims of racism 2
Female professor has sex with handicap man 2
Female professor that was having sex with handicap man 2
Figure it out 2
Found the story but no audio of phone call 2
Frat guy beats up gay guy that liked him 2
Frat story 2
Friday morning show 2
Fuck Elmo 2
Fuck those flip phone fuckers 2
GPS should have an avoid bad neighborhoods option 2
GPS takes old couple into a bad neighborhood and they are assaulted 2
Gay guys have been into me over the years 2
George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin 2
George Zimmerman is an asshole 2
Girl sneezes thousands of times a day 2
Go find a white guy that likes the sisters 2
Good for them 2
Goodbye Yankee's 2
Google 2
Greeting Ben at the door 2
Guy with no penis story 2
Guys are animals 2
Handicap fetish? 2
Handling an old person that is an asshole 2
Hansel 2
Hansel pushed the old lady 2
Has the show been good or has it sucked 2
He couldn't speak so he could have been down 2
He injured the old lady 2
He just spit on the security guard 2
He pulled her over because he was kind of bored 2
He's been fired from his job 2
Her ass looked silly 2
Her last name is sexy 2
Her mom was supporting her big ass 2
Her sneeze sounds like music 2
How does this advance her career? 2
How old am I 2
I always want to throw years in there 2
I can't grasp the concept of months or weeks when age is involved 2
I can't read today 2
I don't know what's with my reading today 2
I don't think this would have been as well received if the fan was a guy 2
I don't want to get into the big ass yet 2
I enjoyed that 2
I find it flattering as long as your not overly aggressive 2
I fully support nudity but those guys were weirdos 2
I fully support two handicap people having sex 2
I guess I do sound like a Muppet 2
I have a new phone 2
I have my boxers on backwards 2
I like my nerd glasses 2
I like to sleep in and stay up late 2
I may consider suicide if I sneezed all the time 2
I met Don Orsillo 2
I need the cock 2
I post my show on facebook and twitter 2
I pussed out and changed it 2
I respect that 2
I say fuck alot on this show 2
I should stop day dreaming while I do the show 2
I sound like Shaggy 2
I still have the Santa story 2
I support all of it 2
I support it 2
I support you 2
I talk a good game 2
I want some sneeze songs from the audience 2
I want to find that 911 call 2
I want to search your site daily news! 2
I want to take a little nap 2
I was a bit of a lunatic when alcohol was involved when I was younger 2
I was living in the dark ages 2
I was timid with that shit as a boy 2
I was too apprehensive in my early shows 2
I wasn't prepared to discuss cover songs 2
I welcome the gay community to come on board to the Mike McGinty show 2
I would like to be hypnotized 2
I would think that this handicap guy was willing 2
I wouldn't get a big fat ass 2
I'll take the stance that this is a bad thing 2
I'm a Katy Kat and a little monster 2
I'm a big fat pussy 2
I'm a good fuck now 2
I'm a peaceful fucking son of a bitch myself 2
I'm a repetitive fuck 2
I'm a warped individual 2
I'm an asshole 2
I'm annoying sometimes 2
I'm glad there were no cameras on phones when I was partying 2
I'm not a fan of trash trucks on the road during drive time 2
I'm not an angel now 2
I'm not done with the fat ass story 2
I'm not into lesbian porn 2
I'm not the same fuck as I was then 2
I'm wearing a hat 2
I've been drunk and stupid but not like that 2
I've changed 2
I've come along way 2
I've decided to play my duets with Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus 2
If I didn't shave down I could be a bear 2
If it feels good do it as long as you are not hurting anybody else 2
Imus 2
Is this really me or is this a parody of the most obnoxious parts of my personality 2
It's not worth dying for a big fat ass 2
It's not worth dying to have a big ass 2
Jeb Bush not bothered by the Redskin's name 2
Joe Robinson 2
Judgement free zone 2
up-solid down-solid